Elijah Star..




  Welcome Elijah Star Gareth Pietroboni.. my baby's, (Soledad), baby. El Esperanzo mio. God bless you mi hijito! You blessed my baby with your birth into her life. As she was my light... you are hers.....             



This photo was taken by    Paula Kelly.. Sole's Spiritual mother... And my spiritual sister.. and Elijah's.. well ... ,  'guide through the hours of pre-dawn.'. and... a few sun rises and sunsets.. and starlit skies.. aaand at least a few seasons, of his mom's metamorphosis ...

                                                    **** Update Oct. 2004 ****                                                                         

                          -2005 -

  Elijah in Italia outfit bought by mom




























Elijah, This message is for you... A little story that I told your mom and other people when your mom was growing up......

      When I was a little boy, I didn't have many toys nor did I get to go to places like Disney and rarely got to do things that cost money. My favorite play time was cloud watching.. The clouds were my form of freedom and helped bring me  my best dreams. Besides that, very few other things freed me into a happy place.  However, maybe once a year if I was lucky, someone would take me to a carnival for a few hours. There I would get the chance to ride a few ride and taste cotton candy and  get overwhelmed by all of the carnival colors and music, and every so often I would get a dream enhancement of freedom when one of those fancy colorful balloons that would decorate the carnival sky, would slip away from from someone's hands and escape into the freedom of exploring my dream clouds. Aannd.. If I was really lucky, someone would buy me one of those colorful helium filled balloons, and it would rise up in the air held only to the earth by a string and me at the end of that string holding on to my colorful air-filled treasure to take home with me and to stay with me through my night and my dreams. However... when I would wake up... the balloon would have lost its helium ..and would be laying sadly old and wrinkled on the floor ...weakly awaiting it's premature demise. I always felt guilty that that had happened and felt that it had happened because I  I had held onto it and did not set it free to explore the clouds in my dream sky.

Well, Elijah I told that to your mom because I believed that when it came your mom's time to fly into her sky and explore her dreams of freedom that I would let her go instead of trying to keep her locked in my dreams until when I would finally wake up, that I find her old and wrinkled on the ground never knowing what it was like to fly and to explore the clouds and the limits of the skies of her own dreams. I also believed that when I  set her free that my joy would come from watching her fly towards the sky and even if from time to time she got lost in her clouds I would keep the faith and keep looking up waiting to see her emerge from the clouds with new colors of dreams fulfilled.

Elijah I may never get the chance to see you in person but I want you to know that besides your mom, you are my most important awareness of what goodness originated from my life and has the chance to soar in my dream clouds, exploring new horizons for me to fill my dreams and my memories with a tomorrow to live for.

Elijah, your mom was the sunlight in my life. You... Elijah Star... are my nova, maybe... always further away than the sun, but bigger than any light that has ever lit my life. Thank you mi hijo!!!!

With all the love from my Heart and Soul,

     Grand-pap...     .

 One more musical moment dedicated to Elijah....   Fly..High Up To The Sky...