... The following photos are about all that is left from my photo days. As I said on my home page, all that truly represent me or who I was has been lost or destroyed. Thus the following photos are just a few rejects that had been tossed from their  photo sessions. Now they are what I still have left that some how suddenly have value. They do not represent my better photography but do remind me of a time when there were .. better .. momentsWhat is here are just posed moment from several photo sessions. However well they don't portray my better photography, I do believe that at least some of them reflect what others saw in me. I have always believed that unlike most arts, in photography the subject's personality becomes a part of the art. In posed sessions the communication that the subject has with the photographer becomes as important as what the photographer knows about composition, and lighting, and equipment. If there is the least bit of discomfort, it shows up in the subject. What is important in the following photos is what the subjects reflected of who I was at the time. It is one of the few relics that I have left that allows me to continue to believe that at least some people knew me as a positive moment in their lives. So no matter what may be said now. These ... relics.... hold their ground .. for me.. and anyone else that cares to see in the good in life and people.

Oh.. by the way.. there are a few photos of my daughter Sole'  that were taken from test shots of her while she was helping me to set up the lights for  a few of the session. In several of these test shoots in some |

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