LOSTPAgES...- The Journey...


 Photographs of myself were never important to me and were rarely taken. It also would not seem important to post any of them now except that judgments have been made about me and they have been made with a prejudice that sees me only as I appear now, innocence chiseled away by harsh circumstances, the artist visions faded, the meter of the poets heart arrested, exiled to a defeated battle field.

Although we try very hard to protect the innocence of our children we seem to forget that we were all innocent children at one time, and most of us.. veteran warriors... had better days.

Someone very very important to me, someone that shared the gift of childbirth with me used to tell me that one of the reasons that she loved me was because of the little altar boy that she could still see in me. She was not there when I was a child so that was a gift to her to see that very special part and her seeing that was an amazing gift from her to me..

Well, the following are a few of those photos of that altar boy... or from the days of innocence. and then there is a few more of the better days..


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A few moments of my  "60s" moments..Miracles Magic and Madness.. The best of Times the Worst of Times.

   1. North Dakota First Serious Romance

   2. Military and Shakspeare

   3. El  Otro Lado

 The Following photos  were taken in Austin Texas.

    1. Peak Performance  .Lavender .(At life's Summit) 

  1. Seasoned Warriors ( A final vignette taken of me in 2001. I don't think that there are any photos of me since. In this photo I am  with Sole'. both of us having weathered the most difficult of life's trials and tribulations. This is a photographic vision of  2 seasoned warriors  seeing life from the other side of the Eye of the Storm.